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hello firstly im new to TTG so yay hello

but i cant get on ea live chat there is NO option

anyway i have a query i know u get a 1 time points transfer from 17 to 18 but i never had points so i didnt have it...i play fifa 18 ive bought tons of points on there anyway

basically i have a £79.99 voucher for fifa 17 if you dont know what i mean u can go in a GAME store and but 12k fifa points it says

'fifa 17 12k points 79.99'

anyway my question is for u old time OG gamers if u rememeber on 360 you could buy cod style points which was 1200 for map packs..but it would not just make u get the maps it would give u the understand me?

so will this give me account 79.99 or will it just put it straight on to fifa 17? and if it does will be able to get them trasnfered over do you think???

thanks alot
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