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NF is a music artist who raps about real things that have happened in his life. Such as his mother od'ing, abusive step father, relationships etc. None of his songs are about sex/drugs/money/mansion/women etc like the typical "artist" lately. He currently has 2 released albums and a 3rd one being released October 6th 2017.

His Music:

Mansion (2015)
1. Intro
2. Mansion
3. All I Have
4. Wait
5. WakeUp
6. Face It
7. Motivated
8. Notepad
9. Turn The Music Up
10. Paralyzed
11. I'll Keep On
12. Can You Hold Me

Therapy Session (2016)
1. Intro 2
2. Therapy Session
3. I Just Wanna Know
4. How Could You Leave Us
5. Breathe
6. Real
7. Oh Lord
8. I Can Feel It
9. Got You On My Mind
10. Grindin' (feat. Marty of Social Club)
11. Wish You Wouldn't
12. Statement
13. All I Do
14. Lost In The Moment (feat. Jonathan Thulin)

1. Intro III
2. Outcast
3. 10 Feet Down (Ft. Ruelle)
4. Green Lights
5. Dreams
6. Let You Down
7. Destiny
8. My Life
9. You're Special
10. If You Want Love
11. Remember This
12. Know
13. Lie
14. 3 A.M.
15. One Hundred
16. Outro

NF | How Could You Leave Us (Therapy Session Album):

NF | Let You Down (Perception Album)

NF | Got You On my Mind (Therapy Session Album)

NF | Outcast (Perception Ablum)

Purchase His Albums:

Apple Music -
1. Mansion: BUY
2. Therapy Session: BUY
3. Perception:BUY

Google Play Music -
1. Mansion: BUY
2. Therapy Session: BUY
3. Perception:BUY

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I'll give him a little check out man!
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I've honestly never heard of him until now. I've downloaded a few songs of his to my Apple Music. Thanks for sharing
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Ive said this before..

Been an NF fan for three years now. Can't wait for his new album dropping in october entitled perception.

This track touched me the first time i heard it and the emotion he shed in this track is something that touches my feelers. Im glad they didnt delete the emotion at the end of this track and let it play through. It shows how transparent NF is on all his music.

Dude is a murderer on the mic and his live performances is top notch. Someone who has emotion in his vocals every track and his wordplay is nice.

His intro tracks are explosive to how the whole album is going to be and the track after and the outro is on constant replay.

Good to see others that enjoy christian music like myself.

+repped and thanked
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For him being new he is not doing bad. Almost 3/4 of a million subs.
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Checked him out , he's decent for an upcoming rapper !!!

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