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Hey guys,

Not been very active in a while but I'm loving this new FIFA compared to last year and well... decided to make a pro club for the community.

Send a message on XBL to : Deano Reido


Search 'The Tech Game' in pro clubs and request to join!


The Following 5 Users Say Thank You to Dean For This Useful Post:

Mickers (10-11-2017), 3DS (10-03-2017), Jay (10-02-2017), Pryzel (10-01-2017), Lost (10-01-2017)
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I will be on FIFA later if I remember I will give you a message
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Calling ST, I'll carry us to DIV 1 dw boys.
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might hop in on a 2nd acc
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I think I'm in Dean...or was the request for a different club? Lmao
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I'll pop on later on. Anyone gonna be on?
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Called CAM even though i'm shite.
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Sorry guys If you send a request it should be a public club now.

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I can't find the club if I search for it on pro clubs....
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I'll send my invite when i'm back from work in a few days, hope we all manage to stay active!
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