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A friend of mine is selling a PC for 530 pound and just wanted to know if it's worth looking into as I've wanted one for a while. Just want to plays games on medium to high setting, the specs are here.

Asrock Z77 extreme 4 motherboard. i5 3570k. 16gb G-Skill ripjaws z quad channel memory. GTX 960 4gb GPU. 500gb 2.5" Western Digital black hdd. 2TB 3.5" Samsung spinpoint hdd. 650w Cooler master GX 80+ bronze psu. Corsair H55 liquid CPU cooler with push/pull corsair SP120 fans. Game Max Elysium case.

Is or worth the price or could I get a lot better for my money? Appreciate the hell.
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You could actually get a little more for that. If you find the right buyer or sell it on a good trusted place.
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Don't ask for much more. It is barely worth that at this point, most of your money is in the CPU/motherboard

The CPU AIO is cheap, and can pick up used/pre owned for 30-50 if you know where to look. GPU isn't worth anywhere near retail can find them fairly cheap 80-120. RAM is worth around 70, considering you can still buy it new for around that. cheap case.

You are basically at the limit of what you should charge.
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Thanks you, appreciate the help.
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Bit much. It's worth £400-450.
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