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Wassup y'all boys! I'm an upcoming rapper, i talk to "big" people (Yoppa Bam, Lil Filth, ReggieMills, ItsVyro)

I got a feat comin next month with @YoppaBam
Another feat comin in 3 months with @ReggieMills

If y'all listen to rappers like Smokepurpp, Lil Pump, Thouxanbanfauni, etc!

Then listen to my music the link will be down below y'all give me feedback too i f*ck with any feedback whether its trash or good!

Repost & Share too if y'all can it will definitely help out a lot on the real
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cool man
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Wasn't bad but it was extremely repetitive
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TBH that shit was Hot Garbage my G
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The adlibs are too loud, they shouldnt match the same volume as your main vocals.

Very repetitive but hell... thats mainstream music...
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Sounds mainstream, really isn't my taste tho. Too many adlibs.
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all you need is some face tats
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  • V5 Launch
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Fr though, chorus is kinda lame, but I like the flow. Keep going cus I'd rather listen to this than some people i hear now adays
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I fw the hip hop culture heavy, and this my guy is trash. Theres always room for improvement though. I fw the trap but only on a certain, and if you flowin really going in all synced up w the trap then that shit hard my guy but this just dont flow in the waves you want them to. Change your style, make it unique, own that shit and put your soul into it. Cant just copy and paste shit and expect to make it. Only mf that ever did that was 22 savage lol
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