Man Sentenced To Death Over 'Blasphemous' WhatsApp MessagePosted:

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Christian man sentenced to death in Pakistan over 'blasphemous' WhatsApp message sent to friend

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A Christian man has been sentenced to death in Pakistan for insulting the Prophet Muhammad, his lawyer has said.
Nadeem James, 35, was said to have committed blasphemy in a poem he sent to a Muslim friend on the WhatsApp messaging service.

He was arrested in July last year after going on the run following the accusation of blasphemy, which human rights groups say is sometimes used in the country to settle personal scores and target minorities.
Defence lawyer Anjum Wakeel told the AFP news agency that in this case there had been a dispute between his client and the friend over a woman.

Mr James was handed a death sentence by the court on Thursday on blasphemy charges, he said.
My client will appeal the sentence in the high court as he has been framed by his friend, who was annoyed over Mr James affair with a Muslim girl.
The verdict was passed by a court in the town of Gujrat in eastern Pakistan.

There was widespread outrage across Pakistan last April when student Mashal Khan was beaten to death at his university in Mardan following a dorm debate about religion, during which he was accused of sharing blasphemous material on social media.

Police arrested over 20 students and some faculty members in connection with the killing.
Since then, parliament has considered adding safeguards to the blasphemy laws, a groundbreaking move given the emotive nature of the issue.

There have been at least 67 murders over unproven allegations of blasphemy since 1990, according to figures from a research centre and independent records kept by Reuters.
In 2015, Muslims beat to death a Christian couple and burned their bodies in a brick kiln for allegedly desecrating the Quran.

And in 2011, a bodyguard assassinated Punjab provincial governor Salman Taseer after he called for the blasphemy laws to be reformed.
Mr Taseers killer, who was executed last year, has been hailed as a martyr by religious hardliners.

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My view:

When will these people realize that their religion is not immune to scrutiny?
Nothing is above scrutiny, especially not religious texts that people base entire civilizations and laws around.

How thin skinned does your God or prophet have to be that people should be put to death and imprisoned for saying mean things about them?
And our tax money goes towards helping this Government out.

I don't want a single penny of my money going towards helping Governments like this kill people like me just because they said some nasty words about the wrong kind of God.

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To their Government and mine, and especially to the judge who handed down this sentence:
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Human life means so little to the people over in their country. It's a shame that even if the person was blasphemizing Allah, it probably didn't help his cause that he was also having an affair with someone. To think of how serious a life one must live, to be utterly brainwashed to not be able to think outside of one's self and explore this great big wide world we live in. It sounds like another case of radicalism.

Also, I wish the "WhatsApp" would quit spamming my email.
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Glad to live in the USA

I dont say that often these days...

I couldnt imagine being caught doing anything in those countries
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Jesus, those coutries are seriously brutal when it comes to shit like this.
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Other countries go to the extremes when it comes to just about anything. Thankful I live in the US.
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A bit exessive, glad im in the US
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I thank myself for not living in those god forsaken countries
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this is what makes me never want to travel, ever
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And now I'm staying in England for a while
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That's a little crazy, a death sentence over something that only they believe in?
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