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i use to be on here a lot looking for cod 4/waw lobbies then those died so i gave up on the tech game for a long time went to a different website s7s lost the password to my account few months later rememberd it then i got a job came back here use to be ugsmokey bought gold gift'd gold to two people i like giving back to people its thing i enjoy doing now this is what i am now

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Xbox (09-17-2017), Decy (09-17-2017)
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Welcome back to the site
As for that site you referred lets not speak about that abomination
See you around the forums!
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Welcome back man! Hope to see you around!
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Commas, a forgotten beauty.

Welcome back my man, hope to see you around.
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Welcome back to the site.

Don't ever switch over to shitty 7s again.
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Welcome back to the site.
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