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You have been invited to go on to a trip to a deserted island, where you have to survive on your own for 10 days. You have to find food, water and shelter so you can survive and you have nothing at all apart from 5 items of your choice, what items would YOU choose?

If this happened to me I would take the following:

Gorilla Tape x2 - This is so I could make simple items such as cups and holder and so I can easily attach things together.

Petrolium Jelly - 1) It's flammable. 2) In case of chapped lips which is horrible in when your in heat.

Lighter - Obvious Reasons.

Water Filtration pen - This is in case I was desperate for a drink and I didn't have a fresh water source, so I could turn to the pen and possibly prevent dehydration.

I would love to know what the TTG community would take with them, so please tell me

Many thanks,
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1.Fishing pole

2. Flint Rod

3. Filtration straw

4. Machete

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1. Blue Rope

2. Blue Rope

3. Blue Rope

4. Blue Rope

5. Bleach
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1. Knife - Duh

2. Flint - Duh

3. 375 yard spool of clear 40lb test fishing line - For fishing as well as being able to secure things to each other

4. Assortment of hooks - Duh

5. 10x10 tarp - As a light weight carrying tool, as well as a roof, as well as a water collection source in the event that this is a place that doesn't get much rain (you can dig a hole, put something dead in the hole, and cover it with the tarp and over the course of the day as the body decomposes, the water will start to evaporate and collect on the tarp which you can collect).
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Just 10 days?

There's no point in wasting your time with food here. You could just take four 2 liter bottles of water and a tent/tarp and you'd be good. If you're not squeamish then eat any insects you can grab.
If you didn't want to get that hungry then you could take three 2 liters bottles of water, a cheeseburger, and a tent.

Bear Grylls did something like this with a big group of people. I think they had 3 machetes and a jug of water between all of them.
They weren't even given a piece of flint to make a fire. They managed to survive for a month or so.

With 5 items for 10 days you could basically just have a holiday and be hungry for most of it.
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