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Hello im doing yet another gold giveaway havent done it in some time but hey i like to give back since i hit GG+ i should do one so to enter just post below i will pick 2 winners in 24 hours!

as always thanks is appreciated but not required thank you!

The Following 17 Users Say Thank You to Kyle For This Useful Post:

Mai (09-16-2017), JocelynFlores (09-15-2017), Mikey (09-15-2017), Mooned (09-15-2017), Acetone (09-15-2017), KyloCrux (09-14-2017), Nodus (09-14-2017), RepBandit (09-14-2017), Maze (09-14-2017), Xbox (09-14-2017), Disc (09-14-2017), F11 (09-14-2017), lndigo (09-14-2017), Check (09-14-2017), Blizzard (09-14-2017), Ryuk (09-14-2017), Injured (09-14-2017)
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Always willing to accept some gold man

Thanks a lot man we all appreciate it.
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I would love to win some more gold
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Sure, Running out wouldn't mind a top up

Good luck everyone
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coz i need gold like so yeh
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Count me in
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wheee, count me in
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Id love some more gold, thanks bro
Count me in
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Thank you very much Kyle, and good luck everyone. I'm in.
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