RunescapeBest armor to be wearing?Posted:

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My stats in runescape are:
Attack: 74
Defence: 71
Constitution: 76
Magic: 76

What armor and weapons should I wear? I just started back and kind of lost on where to begin with. Yes, I am currently a member.
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i'd say any set of barrows (depending on what kind of monsters/bosses ur killing)
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Level 70 Gear.
Bandos for melee, Arma for range, and robes of subjugation for mage
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the strongest style at the moment is mage if your short on cash, since to cast air spells only costs air runes, no need for air/mind runes anymore.

id just say get some ahrims and a slayer helm, and just do some slayer for cash, no need for doing barrows/gwd since its not very profitable unless your staying there for the full hour (gwd bosses)

as for melee if you wanted to get your stats up, Torag's top/legs,whip/off-hand dragon scimitar/dragon boots,fury or glory and a obby cape will be fine.

and there's no better time to do some slayer since its double exp
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Anyone got an extra account laying around? Really wanna get back into it
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