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So basically i'm gonna try and keep this simple and short.

I started a snapchat streak with my friend's ex-girlfriend and we started texting alot after that, All during the summer. We had texted about a whole lotta shit and different subjects and etc. I was out of state during summer so we couldn't hang what-so-ever. Well school started back up again and we just started walking each other to classes inbetween periods. But somedays there's some cool topics I bring up but she's a bit shy and I can see that. Sometimes it gets awkward because there's no topics so I just say "Oh i'm really tired" and whatever.

So I know she likes me because she always wants my attention at school and through text but she's a cheerleader so we can't spend much time together because she has practice like every other day. But let me get to the point.

How can I make her more comfortable with speaking with me? Me and her enjoy the same shit but we've never gotten around to hanging out of school yet due to these goddamn pep-rallies and football games she has to cheer and practice for. Should I just not ask her to hang anymore because i've been hinting at hanging out and shit but she always is at practice and I know this for fact, She's not flaking on me. Should I try and keep the mysterious vibe and let her ask me to hang or what?

So to ask the questions more clearly, How can I make her more comfortable around me because I can tell she's holding back. And what can I do to create a mysterious vibe or should I just ditch that idea?
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Just grab your sack and go in and ask, Worst she can say is no. If she has a thing for you she will make time to hang out outside of school. I dated many cheerleaders when i was in high school and played football. It is very do able.

Best of luck to you brother!
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nonadaptive wrote
So basically i'm gonna try and keep this simple and short.

I started a snapchat streak with my friend's ex-girlfriend and we started texting alot after that

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Tbh if it's your friends ex you're either gonna fall out with one of them so choose wisely
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