Milestone7 Years....7 Years....7 Years....Where does time go.Posted:

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I would make this post pretty with pink and unicorns for ye's but considering I use TTG on the mobile 99% of the time now that requires too much effort.

So yeah, 7 years on the site today. Haven't really been active within the community these days but I'm still lurking about.

Thanks to the staff and people keeping this place going and keep up the work :thumbsup:

So yeah thats all. So if you like this post please leave a like, comment and subscribe.

Posting this yearly meme

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Wow congrats my man!
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Congratulations man! Well done
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Congrats on 7 years buddy.

Miss seeing you around the forums.

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Not sure how many years you have been on here but congrats.

hi i just wanted to say hi
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grats on 7 years dude
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Congratulations on 7 years BPM!

Nice to see you're still around.
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It's nice to see something that was a big part of what you spent your time on as a kid still here, congratulations on the seven year mark
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I agree, time flies so quickly although im not as active as a lot of the members around here. Remember the good ol' days of ttg
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Congrats man!

Stick around buddy. Class member.
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