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Hi everyone, First off I hope that you're all having a fantastic day so far. As you all can see by the title, I'll be recruiting for Team ZZ9. For all of you who don't know who we are, we are the longest lasting & Best Modding Team in the community, There's many videos about us on YouTube. We are NOT just a regular modding team where we all go online together & just mod & basically take over online, Our team has some of the BEST Programmers in the scene to date. Basically our team revolves around programming, Yes we do mod, we do go online to have fun sometimes but our main objective is programming, Below you'll see a application that you need to fill out. All applications MUST be submitted via reply to thread! If you send a application via TTG PM Systems I will not answer you! Also when filling out the application please copy & paste the question before you put your answer! I hope to talk to you all soon!

All applications that are submitted will be reviewed but we are NOT going to promise any positions! When submitting this application
I expect you to be as professional as you can be! When I review this submitted application & I do notice Childish/Immature answers
or behavior you will be blocked immediately! We do not accept people who will NOT do their job! With that being said please review
all questions & answer the questions accordingly with the right answers. You MUST show proof of your work when asked, So you
MUST have your work ready for us to review!


1.Are you 18 years or older?

2.Do you know any language of code? If so what language(s)?

3.How long have you been programming(Weeks/Months/Years)?

4.Have you ever been apart of a Team or Clan that is revolved around Programming & Modding?If so what team(s)?

5.Have you ever created a working tool or have you ever created any sort of Mod Menu yourself?

6.Are you able to take constructive criticism?

7.If another member of Team ZZ9 need's help with a project that their working on, will you help them or atleast try to help them?

8.Do you have a modified Xbox 360 Console? (Jtag/R-Jtag/RGH/Development Kit)

9.How long have you been in the Modding Scene?(What Year did you join & were you consistent till now?)

10.Would you ever quit(Give Up) on your project if you get stuck or would you attempt to fix your issue as much as possible then ask for help if you still don't understand?

11.Are you able to multitask?

12.Would you be willing to share your project(s)/Creation(s) amongst any & all members if they request?

13.Are you going to be Respectful to other member's at ALL times& treat them how you'd like to be treated? I also would like to know if you'reable to take theresponsibility of any &all of your actions that you put upon yourself & others?

14.If you have had any Issues with members from the past, would you be able tobe mature enoughto actually build a friendship?

15.If a member give's you one of their projects & specifically tells you NOT to release it to the public or hand it out to anyone else, & someone makes a offer of a large payment of some sort would you hand it out & give the member the money & explain the situation or would you deny the payment & move on from it?

16.Are you able to get things done under pressure & if you have a due date will you finish the project on time?

17.What would you like to be known by?(Your alias, For example my alias is HomeBrew)
Below will be a list all of the rules & regulations of Team ZZ9 Members:

1.All content that you receive from other members from Team ZZ9 will not be Leaked/Sold under ANY circumstances! If content is
released you will be kicked out of Team ZZ9, Blocked & never spoken to again.

2.Once you leave Team ZZ9, there will be NO turning back, This meaning once you leave your out for good & will no longer be
eligible to be recruited again.

3.Everything that you personally made yourself MUST be shared amongst each member to show what you've created.

4.There will be no selling any items to any members what so ever! Selling to other members is NOT allowed!

5.Every ZZ9 Member will be busy for long periods of time & or mainly all of the time, If you'd like to speak to someone please feel
free to ask any & all questions you have.

6.Be sure that you are always doing something, Specifically either coding a Mod Menu, Creating your own Software/Program & or
hosting modded lobbies.

7.Selling Software/Modified Lobbies will be eligible to be sold to everyone that's not apart of Team ZZ9.

8.There will be no scamming what so ever. If you have a service running & you have ran out of either supplies & or time, you MUST
aware ALL customers of the situation so they are all aware!

9.You are to treat every other member with the respect they deserve! If you have any issues with another member be sure to bring
it up to the owner.

10.Every member of Team ZZ9 must create a thetechgame.org account & be active on it daily, You also must be eligible to
advertise the site around!

11.When you are a member of Team ZZ9 you are NOT allowed to apart of any other Team/Clan! If you are then you will be
immediately dismissed from Team ZZ9!

12.You must be eligible to attend meetings that we hold together to talk about a variety of things pertaining to Team ZZ9!

13.You must show your work that you've made! If you are trying to steal someone else's work,your application will be
IMMEDIATELY declined & you will not be eligible to join!

~ZZ9 x iHoMeBReW

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