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Hello this has gotta be a quick post cos there's a lot of shit going on in my life rn and i can't be on here for long but as TTG is a big part of my life lmao I thought I'd quickly make a 7 Year member post.

Hopefully when this is all sorted I will be back fully

Thanks to all of the SB regulars and everyone who has spoken to me on here in the past 7 years

I love you all dearly and everyone on here is great (except famous)

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Wow what a long time man that's a cool accomplishment keep on being active hope to see you around
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congrats on 7 years! see you at 10
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Congratulations on 7 years bud
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Congratulations on your 7th year man!
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Congratulations too lucky number 7!
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Thanks everyone
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Grats on 7 years man, see you at 8 in a years time
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damn man i miss talking to you i hope u come back soon

twenty one pilots is still shit
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Congratulations on 7 years man.

Get that 1,000 posts now.

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