MilestoneHitting a "Hand pay" while 21Posted:

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Well this is a big achievement for me. For many months, my goal was to hit a Jackpot a.k.a hand pay when I'm 21, well tonight that happen.

Went with $400, and left with $2,902.

I then also hit this with another $600

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can i borrow $500 so i can buy more pets thanks

i'll probably never pay u back

Grats man i never won anything before
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Great night i take it lol.
Damn so lucky Congrats tho
Enjoy the money

Always good for a tap
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Good to see you winning for once

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Grats man that's really dope.
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Dang bro you hit the jack pot
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If this happened to me, i think my ass would implode xD

Nice work moose!
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u lucky f*ck free gold for everyone am i right
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Is this Vegas?
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So lucky man ;)
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