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Was here listening to music and thought to my self "what am I proud of?"
So I want to know about you guys, what are you proud of? Things you've done in your life?
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clutched a 5v1 against globals if that counts
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RedWood wroteclutched a 5v1 against globals if that counts

Very nice bro
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lndigo wroteNothing

Why do you say that?
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At the moment, nothing major. Probably my grades, that's it.
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The fact I used to be a junky and slowly but sure I'm getting myself together so really I'm just proud in all for myself
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proud that im definitely more motivated than others
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ive come a long way in my personality, I find it slightly easier to talk to people and im generally a bit more happy
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I left school with no grades, I had no motivation to do anything. I was badly behaved, pretty much ruining my life.

I go into construction, and now I'm doing my level 3 NVQ as a site manager and have had offers to have a managerial role in my company. Although, I think it's just a supervisor role until a few years they would like to have me as the contracts manager which is great because I know some people I went to school with went off to uni and now aren't doing anything with their lives, they can't be bothered to do anything and worked so hard for things yet got nowhere. I'm proud I came out the other side and have progressed which has made my life very happy
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I'm not trying to go $13,000 in debt for a Rolex. Very proud.
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