RantYet another reason why the Xbox report system is busted.Posted:

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Why haven't this been fixed asap? this is a big problem, and has been for a very long time.

This busted report system that mutes you/puts you with people of the same status, and pretty much limits the games you can play online.

So for about 2 days, ive been playing Overwatch with a friend, he one tricks a character, and i started to one trick one also, the difference is, that his is a dps, mines is a "defensive support" so when played on attack, i'm throwing.

Now with that said, that means that i'm throwing,losing a lot and just being a nuisance.
well. i have a 70%+ win rate with said "throwing" character. so i'm thrown into avoid me lobbies with 5+ min queue times just because people will mass report, even if you win. including the other team.

Pic for reference.
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I even had a match where we steamrolled the other team 3-0, and my 4 stack teammates all reported me for no reason, even when i was doing just fine, i asked them why, and they said because your playing a defense character on offence.
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So, ill say it again, don't get Overwatch if you plan on having fun. because you will get reported, and forced to play with legit throwers.
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i've been on needs work rep for like 8 months now.
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