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Looking for a good $20 steam game, I have PUBG and Gmod, just looking for something that is fun to play, lmk some suggestions
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Rocket League?
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I'm going with Savatar rocket league is awesome
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Counter Strike: Global Offensive for a shooter, Rocket League for anything else. Both are within budget.
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Counter Strike: Global Offensive ($14.99) is one of the best shooters I've played, definitely the best for competitive gaming and it has a massive fan base. I recommend you get that if you're looking for a shooter game.

Rust ($19.99) is really good if you have friends that have it or will play with you. It's a multiplayer survival game where the main objective is to pretty much build a base and defend it from other people trying to raid you, although you are also able to raid them. It gets regular updates and is made by Facepunch who are the same people that made Garry's Mod. Rust is one of my favorite games of all time, I love it because of the concept of the game.

Terraria ($9.99) is a good survival game for the price tag, it's a lot cheaper when on offer. It's a survival building game similar to Minecraft so if you're into Minecraft I recommend trying out Terraria.

Rocket League ($19.99) really fun game to play if you're looking for a casual game that you can return to and enjoy anytime. It's pretty much football with cars, sounds ridiculous but it is very fun. I have got this both on PC and PS4 and it is really fun to play with friends and is a great game to time waste on when I'm bored.
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The Witcher 3 is like $20 on humblebundle.

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For MMO, I would go with CS: GO
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Tabletop Simulator
Rocket League
The Witcher 3
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