Xbox OneNew dashboard do you like it?Posted:

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I really like the update feels more like the 360 but different still, how about you guys?
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Looks a lot better than the current dashboard that's for sure. Nothing can beat the original 360 dash though
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Looks a lot better than the current dash as Nodus said.

It does look like they went for the 360 theme but not as close to it. Just the layout makes me/us think like that.

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The new light theme on Xbox is sooo dope!
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Havent updated mine yet so will soon but by pictures it looks pretty awesome
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I like it, was a little hard to get used too but I do like it very much, and it feels faster.
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Havent updated mine yet but that looks clean
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Xbox One is never simple for me, I'm still on the old dash. No updates available.
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Looks good just updating mine now.
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How come i dont have an update:(
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