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Hey TTG, so I joined this site back in 2012, and felt like I never truly did a real introduction. I was younger at the time, and looking back at some of my old posts, they felt a little ridiculous.

Anyways, its five years down the road, and I have been lurking the forums over the past few years and recently decided that I would try to be active on the site again as I had time. The site has been a great source of entertainment for me through school and now into college, and I hope to see many of you in the years to come.

Happy Lurking!

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Welcome back, Manater! And yeah, be more active!
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Welcome back! Hope to see you around more sometimes.
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Welcome back man!

Come join the Shoutbox to meet new friends Shout-Box
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Welcome back m8

Hope to see you get more active
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Five years is a lot of time man! Stick around for some more!
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Congrats welcome back hope to see you around
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Welcome back mate
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Hello their old timer welcome
Back to TTG

Remember to stick to the rules
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Hope to see you active on here man, would be great.

Shout me a PM if you need anything ever
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