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Okay so, I have a job interview coming up on Friday at McDonalds. Yes I know, McDonalds. I gotta pay bills or I'll get evicted. So, I have never really had a job interview, the job I was working at most recently was through my dad, he knew the company so it was very informal and nothing like an interview whatsoever.

I have a group interview on Friday & I don't really know what to expect. Never really had a 1 on 1 interview let alone a group interview. So here's some things I wanna know. Also if you have ever had experience with McDonalds or their interview process I would greatly appreciate if you could shed some light on the situation.

1 - What should I expect, how will it be?
2 - Would wearing black jeans and a shirt be ok?
3 - Any idea's on the structure of the interview? Like will I get 1 on 1 time with a manager?
4 - What would the interview have me do?
5 - Any other advice?

I'm really counting on getting this job, if not then I'm a little **** really. I believe the term is "I'm shitting bricks" lmao. Thanks for any advice

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The interview will be very simple, They're most likely going to talk to you at a table in the dining area. Extremely basic questions.

You should wear a button up, Polos are seen everywhere so if you can go with a buttoned up shirt you'd seem like you're very serious.

You should get 1 on 1 time with the manager or maybe even the store owner, Like I did while I worked for Marco's Pizza.

The interview should have you state what hours you're looking for, How much do you expect to be paid,
and just the very simplistic questions.

Make sure you try to show you're extremely serious about wanting to work there, It'll show that you wan't to put forth your best effort while working there.

Oh yeah, Black jeans would be okay.
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First things first: it doesn't matter where you work, you're making money. People who criticize fast food employees are either people who have everything handed to them or have never had to work in their lives.

As 16YrsOld said, a buttoned up shirt and some pants (maybe some dark colored jeans) would be excellent. It'll show you're wanting to take this job seriously, even though you'll never be wearing a buttoned up shirt at McDonald's. Employers are looking for seriousness, not laid back and "chill" workers.

Some companies are just as informal as what you mentioned about your dad. For example, I work at Advanced Auto Parts and was called in for an "interview". Guess what? I was never interviewed, I was TOLD that I had a job and never had to go through an interview.

The interview won't really have you doing anything. From my experience, my interviews have all been questions; ranging from possible work hours to if I've ever had any experience with a cash register. Cash registers really aren't that difficult to manage so don't be scared of them.

Be confident in yourself. Don't go there thinking you're not going to get the job but also don't go in there with the 100% security that you'll get the job, it's happened to me countless times before that I think I nailed an interview and I never get a call back (that's just how some managers work). Don't get agitated over not receiving a call from them either, there's loads of job opportunities and you should always keep your chin up.

Good luck, Maj. :*
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if its a group interview you might to asked to complete a task for the purpose of seeing how well you work in a team, so involve everyone and just be nice
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