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Yo, I legit have no friends due to a new account so if anyone is down to play sometime drop your GT
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Hey PM me your GT and i will be down to play.
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I play occasionally. Add me: Red Pipz
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ExampleXL wroteI play occasionally. Add me: Red Pipz

Alright i'll add you when I get home
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Add me up bro GT : F7UL
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  • Christmas!
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if you are still looking add - Duracoat
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I'll be down to
Play sometime man hit me up on Pm I'll
Message you my tag
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if youre still lookin add villainill66
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My GT is Streeth0b0z. O's are zeros. I know this is an old post but, new friends are always welcome.
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Im on from time to time, gt: hooliiiganz
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