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So. Today marks my 16,000th posting here on TheKekGame Ltd. So I guess this means a real post is in order, just to spice things up a little inbetween the spamming.

Hey also got some dank ass reps today too (ty dusk and forgot the rest and screw you adam for making it 1338...

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K no, let's not do that coz that would be weird.

Thanks list begins here:

Just kiddin'

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K let's start it here:

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Im gonna thank Adam, just because he will cry like a pre hormonal teenage girl if he isnt on here so ye..

im gonna thank speed for his very useful PM box

Im gonna thank potion coz... yeh cant remember

Im gonna thank maDz for being the biggest nublet ever who still hasnt provided the 1k rep he primised (i need to talk to an admin about that)

and i cant type anymore before i get bored so have another gif

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grats creg lad
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Congrats man!!!
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Congrats my doode 20k sometime in the future hopefully
Talk soon!
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woahhhhh. im sat here on like 500 congrats
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im gonna thank speed for his very useful PM box


Congrats even tho 16k is weak
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I mean I guess that's kind of cool congrats keep on the grind.
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Congrats on 16k Posts!!
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You interrupted my overcloking session for this.


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Grats on 16k

Still weak

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