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I need help getting a remote recovery to stick .
I load in a game as host and it will kick me. When I'm doing a remote recovery. Can someone help me fix the problem?
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You won't be able to get into public match. Just go in private match and get a few kills.
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What I usually do is:

1. Get Statistics (just in case they want to keep their K/D, W/L, etcetera)
2. Reset Statistics
3. Quick Recovery
4. Set the stats to whatever your client wishes to have.
5. Go to custom game, get a kill, back out.
6. Go to the menu that has "Xbox Live"
7. Spoof to your account
8. Sign out, sign back in, let them know their account is done.

It's happened to me sometimes when I want to edit my own account's stats.
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The best thing you could do is go into a private match, kill a few bots or kill yourself and then end the game.

That usually makes the stats and everything else stick.
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Make sure you reset the stats before giving them the rank etc. If it disconnects you from the server the make sure the person you are doing stats for is signed out or off the game

If you haven't reset the stats then that's probably why it hasn't been sticking. Most of the time you don't need to go into game to get a kill or kill yourself as it normally just sticks

Chaotic360 is the best to use for this, I made my own step by step guide on how to do it using chaotic. Basically the same for most tools


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or just read what i put...
its kinda step by step
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