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I know this is stupid, but I can't figure out how to get the HDD on. I found out the spot for the SSD, so we're good on that.
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So looking at the website selling the case:

This image seems to point where the HDD goes.

The case should have screws in the bay for you to unscrew and then screw back in once the HDD is in the slot and the screw hole on the HDD align with the holes on the drive bay.

If your case didn't some with the screws, some HDDs and SSDs come with screws in their box, you can use those too to mount your HDD. If neither have any screws; you're going to need to find screws like you used to mount your SSD on backside of the case - short screws that fit the hole without stripping it, but long enough to secure the HDD, however, not too long for the screws.
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