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So, the official Xbox One DVR has added MW2 to their list of Xbox One games, as shown in this link - Xbox DVR - MW2

No official statement made yet but lots of speculation and talk, this is exactly what happened with BO1 + BO2 so don't be surprised.

Check out these tweets to get you hyped...

Would you buy it? Or are you just going to save the money for WWII?

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No, apparently you can get any game on there, if you rename it right. Someone on reddit did a test, and sure enough, Xbox DVR tweeted it at BC. So we have all been tricked with this, xD. Unless they actually will make it BC very soon. Really hope so.
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If anything, I hope they do a Remastered MW2.

Not Backwards Compatible.
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Once you go into that Xbox DVR Twitter, you'll see that in its location it says: "Unofficial Fan Page", it isn't a real Xbox DVR Twitter.

If this wasn't all a hoax, I'm sure the makers of the game will make sure to announce it themselves; that would create more than enough hype to confirm its real. I actually thought it was a reality but I did some research and was 50/50 about the reality of the MW2 backwards compatibility.
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so does this mean it is backwards compatible now or in the near future?
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Vexys wroteso does this mean it is backwards compatible now or in the near future?

Nothing is for sure except it is not yet, however in my opinion they will remaster instead or backwards compatibility due to all the hacking in the game currently. They would probably rather spend the money and remaster before actually doing all the work to prevent hacking in the game. Similar to how mwr was made, but then again look at bo2 l.. it could go either way
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