GeneralHow did you find TTG?Posted:

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I found this site by looking for Minecraft Roleplaying servers.

How did you?
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Those awesome modded lobbies back in the day ;)
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Googled COD Modded Lobbies back in the day and seen TTG so i thought it wouldnt hurt to join

I have had multiple accounts i cant remember the log in details for them tho RIP
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Back in the day, I was probably looking for MW2 modded lobbies or something of the sort but I guess I never got the hang of the site since I only had 6 posts.

Recently, I came back to TTG because I wanted to buy an RGH (I eventually got one from Streamah) and now I'm still here because I love the Forums and enjoy posting/reading/using the Shoutbox.
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A buddy of mine told me about it.
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friends told me about The Tech Game
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Searched up for PS3 SPRX Mod Menus or something like that and since then I'm on here. Made the right choice.
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Found TeeTeeGee about 8 years ago looking for free modded lobbies lol, but now I love the site
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Found teeteegee while on another foruns site
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I was playing call of duty saw someone with a clan tag TTG and googled it boom I joined
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