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Hey boys, I'm only 17 so I don't have a bank account nor can Ilink my parents account, but awhile ago I had the ability too send checks through the mail as a withdraw option, it's no longer under Wallet, anyone know if its been deleted or has it just been moved? Thanks
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I think if you don't claim it within 30 days or something it gets removed
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Yea I believe it got removed
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it has been removed for a while to stop fraud from paypal to many people underage using there paypal and getting the money as a check then paypal get stuck paying the off the despute this way if your card or checking account is linked they just remove it from your account and you can not close any cards or accounts until its paid up to stop those paypal scammers
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No it wasn't removed, just moved. You have too press "transfer Money too a bank" and if you don't have an account linked it gives you the option too send a check, thanks for the help though
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