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Well today mates its the weekly Shouterday so prepare your speakers so you can go deaf and watch out for the fairy.
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If you don't want to hear any loud noises that's okay you can turn them off here
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Hopefully we see some new people and remember to not take it to serious with what's said in there and feel free to join in whenever you want.


Make sure to watch out for dropbears though
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Goonbags will be handed out on your way in
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woo rep boosting for erryone

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I have yet to receive rep and goonbag's.
Can I speak to a manager ?
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I will try to pop by for a few today.

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everyone come to the shoutbox it's so boring rn
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Very nice! I like! I'm always in and out of the shoutbox, it sometimes baffles my head and the other time I like it, it's very nice!

Happy Shouterday
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I can actually say ill be home enough to participate this time
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i dont trust the rep fairy.
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When you go into the shoutbox, mention that anime show you wanna watch, and get hit with the "Anime is for losers".
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Ethan wrote
When you go into the shoutbox, mention that anime show you wanna watch, and get hit with the "Anime is for losers".

But anime is for losers?
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