Xbox OneWhats the best captcha card for xbox one?Posted:

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Hi guys

As some of you may know im starting to stream on twitch, I tried using the twitch app on the xbox one but notice i couldnt use my cam, so I now realise I need to use OBS, which means I need a captcha card.

So just wounding what is the best captcha card for the xbox one to use on OBS?

Thanks guys also if you have any advice that could improve my set up in OBS would be awesome.

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I personally own an Elgato HD60 and it works great for me. Has great quality and I've never had any issues when recording with it. I've never tried streaming with it myself, but i'd assume it would be just as good.
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I just have a regular Elgato HD and works fine with my OBS. My PC isn't the best but after some modifications made in OBS I can stream fine though I usually stream from my console though


Lemme know if you're in the same boat, bad PC and need some setting advise.
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gr8 spelling Mikey.
Easily the Elgato HD60 (I think its called)
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