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Am I the only one left who doesn't watch game of thrones :') I'm sure it's dope and all I just have never got round to watch it? Personally my favourite series was stranger things (except I was mad at the ending for a while) what do you guys think?
Stranger things or game of thrones??
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Never got into it.
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Which one game of thrones?
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I have never been able to watch Game of Thrones. The only episode I've ever watched was the last 10 minutes of one where the main characters were stuck in a stadium or arena of sorts and they were fighting with lots of people and then suddenly, a dragon came out of nowhere and rescued the white haired girl but left everyone behind lmao.
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I never watched it. I tried. But I was getting so sidetracked by other things and it never caught my attention.
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I have never seen it. I don't refuse to watch it, nor do I think it's a bad show. It's clearly a good show with it's massive following.

I've simply never been one for the whole dungeons and dragons vibe.
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Stranger Things has to be one of my favorite shows, along with Rick and Morty & How I Met Your Mother. I started to watch GoT and finished like three episodes. It was really good, but I just stopped watching it when that dude pushed the kid out the window. I would definitely start watching it again. If I had to pick between the two, Stranger Things all the way. I can't wait for season two!
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watched an episode found it boring,it's basically just boring porn
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I actually started watching it when Season 7 was coming out. I'm currently on Season 2. I'm pretty hooked on it right now I can't believe I overlooked it these past years.
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I never got into either, I can't get into series drama type stuff where they expect you to follow along i get bored too quickly, probably because of ADD
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