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It was soo good. I got a new pair of Jordan Heritage Platinum's. I also went to the new surf park that opened up a couple months ago. I stayed at the Driskill which when we left we found out it was the second most haunted hotel in the country. Il link some pics down below. Barton Springs was also pretty cool.


Any questions im happy to answer.

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Never been there, Dallas looks cool though
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Your trip doesn't sound half bad, I haven't made it to Texas yet but best believe your ass I will.
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Would bloody love to go to Texas, trip sounds good man.
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looks nice
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I live in Louisiana and they're both really hot haha
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looks cool!
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I think i might need to take a visit to Texas, looks nice.
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I'm from Canada, and have always wanted to visit Texas
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Just went to Texas last month myself. Only got to see around Dallas though. I wish I could of stayed longer and drove around the state.
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