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Can someone help me make a post for my modded Xbox one account cause I my last post got removed
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You'd need proof. Pictures and video would help, you can get these from your phone and add them to your post.

If you're on mobile: you'd record the video, upload it to Youtube (you can do this via the iPhone app), and then add the video to your post by doing -
[youtube]*insert video link here*[/youtube]

For pictures: you'd upload them to a service such as imgur. If you're using imgur, you're going to need the direct link (the one that ends in .jpg or .png) and do -
[img]*insert link here*[/img]

Your proof MUST HAVE your TTG username written somewhere, like on an index card or a blank piece of paper to confirm that it is your video and pictures and no one else's.

Remember you can't list payment options or outside forms of communication; all communication must be done through the TTG private messaging system and payment methods should be discussed in the PMs.
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