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What game are you hosting on?

I am currently hosting on Call of Duty: Ghosts, for Xbox 360.

What does your current lobby Include?

The lobby I am hosting at the moment Is a 10th prestige,
Unlock all lobby for Call of Duty: Ghosts, for Xbox 360.

How do I Join?

To Join, simply do the following:
Go to Private Chat.
Enter the Gamertag 'Emmerdale'
Click on the chat and click 'View Profile'
Join session from here, and please be patient.


Sorry for the awful quality of the proof. I'm new to modding and would greatly appreciate It If you could post legit, and give rep!
Also, If there Is anybody that wouldn't mind exchanging some GFX for mods, that'd be appreciated.
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Could somebody who wants to Join this lobby, please message me on TTG so I can ask them to help me test something please.
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yo wuzgood bro, waiting for lobby right now
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Can you invite me? You're account is offline.
GT: Thy Salty
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ITs me Coatzeh sorry for the friend request. When are you next able to host ghosts? I was 11th but then reset and extremely regret the decision thanks
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can u do ghosts again pls ?
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