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Hey guys,

I'm already hosting a gold giveaway for members in the gold forum so this one will only be for members who don't currently have gold!

Just post why you deserve it and I'll gift gold randomly!

Good luck all!

Gifted so far -

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I could use some gold, hope I win!
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i dont think i deserve gold because i just joined the site.
But i thought i would enter for the chance to see what gold is like.
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Enjoy your gold -Ilovekittens-
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In real life people say's gold is better than me but here i wanted to be valued more than gold
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  • V5 Launch
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Hi there, so i think i deserve it because i have been on TTG for over 4 years, i've made a ton of free GFX for everyone that has contacted me and i am a cool guy

Thanks for the chance man have a great one!
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Come this October, I will be going on 7 solid years on TheTechGame & I like to help out as much as possible ;)
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I dont deserve it but ill use it to its advantage

and Become active very active
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  • Christmas!
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I want gold so I can look at the gold Members stuff again. I don't know what i'd do tbh. But i just want to go look at the deals / Giveaway. Pretty fun stuff.

I am never really on.. Just got a new laptop but going to try change that and be more active again.

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  • Christmas!
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Just lost my gold a couple of hours ago, I'm not saying I deserve it but I love what comes with gold and I always am active in the forums.
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