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hey guys i got a question.

i just wanted to know how much yeezy first costs when it comes out.

im not really a sneaker-head so i dont really know a lot.

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Well, from what I read on Google, the Yeezy that was released in 2015 was first retailed at $595. I don't know about the recent Yeezy's that have been released though, I'm not a sneakerhead myself.
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350's cost like 200
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Thanks guys
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After they go out of stock , the shoe goes for about 1,000 on eBay and other sites.
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I got mine for like 250 for retail awhile back
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The shoes retail for $220. With shipping and tax it usually throws on another $20-$30. Every pair I've gotten has been from the Adidas site on release day and I've paid around $240 total each time.
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$220 at retail and if you miss out on the retail you will have to pay $500 upwards.
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220 USD - 300 CAD retail

Resell from locals can range from 400-1000
Big Resells [most trusted like flightclub] range from 600-3500 (depending on OG or V2 + Colorway)
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