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Black Ops 2 Modded Lobbies/ Premade Accounts

Premade accounts
Each premade account is 5$.
They come with stats of your choice!

I do host xp lobbies constantly! Meaning if you wish to contact me about a lobby PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not spam my inbox about it. Check here constantly I will be doing a couple every week!

When you purchase any sort of modification to your account you do have a small chance of being banned, I only use NiNJA Stealth meaning you have the best possible chance to thrive on COD!

[size=24]Each modded accounts comes with custom class names that you choose![/size][

Modded Games Are Being Hosted!

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GBC (08-08-2017)
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need a sticky to do recoveries
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Can't u do never a recovery? Bo2 and my buddy? We both will comment abscess +rep u to try help u get a sticky.

Gamer tag : AROkiller
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Thanks if y can .
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Good luck with selling.
Also you need proof
Video with your TTG username.

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Any proof you can mod?
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