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Well, a few weeks ago I believe I made a 200 rep milestone topic but I really can't remember the date but here I am at 300 rep.
I'd like to thank these lovely people who gave me the last push to 300 (I swear I only vaguely begged for rep for the maDz final push) and to everybody else who helped me get to 300 rep in probably less than a month.
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I continue to enjoy this site and the Shoutbox keeps becoming my home, I have already planted a bonzai tree and moved in some minimalist furniture to make myself at home in there and not get butthurt with the banter. Next up is 400 rep and I'll soon be at that 2,500 post count to be able to reach a new posting rank.
Remember to...
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Xbox (08-08-2017), Mickers (08-08-2017), Stressing (08-08-2017), Daniel (08-08-2017), -Lewy (08-08-2017), dah (08-07-2017), Mikey (08-07-2017), Zesri (08-07-2017), T0P (08-07-2017), clingy (08-07-2017)
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Congrats, that's what I'm aiming for now
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Spare rep anybody? Spare rep? (me with a long beard and a cardboard sign)
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Grats on 3 yellow lego's u e-begger
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Congrats on the milestone. I hope to be there one day lmao! Gl on your next.
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Congrats on your 300 rep, see you at 400 rep sometime soon. Keep it up dude!
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Grats on all the rep man keep it up
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Congrats on hitting 300 rep! Hope to see you at 2.5k posts soon
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