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Does anybody know around when people will start getting email invites?

And which mode are you wanting to get invited to? I imagine a lot of people want FUT
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No idea to be honest, this time last year they were already sent out so I'd just keep an eye out
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They should be coming out soon, I thought I got 17's one around this time last year.

Honestly not a big FUT man i'd prefer a good session of season's. Waiting for this year's code
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I imagine this coming weekend they will be sent out.
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How do we get beta invites? Never happened to me.
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Receiving an invite isn't something you can influence other than by playing the game unfortunately

I've received invites for FIFA 16 and FIFA 17 but so far nothing for FIFA 18
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Emails were sent out today. Managed to get into FUT Beta.
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