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Lol. So my dad is pretty set on North Korea blowing us all up with the recent news ( I haven't even looked at it yet). Does anyone have alot of info on how this won't happen? Don't we have like ships that can just take missiles out of the sky? I'm at work so i can't type everything is like to right now. But if there was any real threat why wouldn't we just take then out now lol
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North Korea is only doing what are called "shows of force". No, North Korea is not going to nuke us or bomb us; these are all just mere shows of the strength of the North Korean arsenal.

The only way the U.S. could get bombed by North Korea is if the powerful defense grid somehow failed and there would be nothing to take care of these missiles. Yes, there are destroyers stationed near Japan and there are some U.S. military weaponry stationed in South Korea alongside the South Korean military. Also, some countries other than the United States are keeping a very watchful eye over the Korean peninsula; there are multiple countries which are sounding the alarm the instant North Korea launches another test missile. All of this are just tactics to show off their true weaponry potential.

There is absolutely no cause for alarm right now, at least from North Korea. There are other more threatening entities to worry about, honestly.
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Explanation~ we may or may not die
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Just read some of these replies because I don't want to type up a whole rant about it...again
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This will never happen man as many times as North Korea has threaten us and yet nothin has happen it's doubtful man. Nobody wants the world to end because of nuclear explosions
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We are to powerful of a country and we have to many allies for North Korea to even think about doing anything to us.
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We do have middle defense systems Set up that would probably be able to handle NKs missle launching compacity. The thing we should be worried about is the Americans stationed & locals living in Guam, SK, and the area around NK.
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I assume we will be in some sort of physical confrontation with NK in some time, Its bound to happen.
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I think something will happen between us two countries but it's just a matter of when.
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We live in a world where a reality TV host is the president of the most powerful country in the world, a Russian stereotype is the leader of Russia, a Sith lord is in charge of the UK and Gollum is the leader of Turkey.

People who think any kind of physical confrontation between the US and NK isn't a realistic scenario simply aren't paying attention to how weird things are right now or who the players involved are, in my opinion.

That's not to say that it will happen, just that 'likelihood' and 'sense' don't mean much any more.
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