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I did not make this I am just bringing it back from the grave for new members!!!

Managed List Of Known TTG Easter EGGs

Harlem Shake Easter Egg
1)Scroll Down To The Bottom Of the page
2)Go to the bottom left and click on the comma at the end of 2009-2018 TheTechGame Ltd.
3) BOOM! Youve done it!

Asteroids Easter Egg (Destroy TTG)
1)Type the word 'killttg' anywhere that isn't a text box
2)A little arrow (spaceship) will appear
3)use the arrows to control it and space to shoot
4)The best place to use this is the forums

Where's Waldo Easter Egg

1)ctrl shift tab
2)ctrl shift tab
3)up down up
4)make sure you hit these keys quick enough

Mudkip Easter Egg

1)Hit Left On Your Arrow Keys 3 times
2)Hit Right On Your Arrow Keys 3 times
3)Hit Up On Your Arrow Keys 3 times
4)Hit Down On Your Arrow Keys 3 times

Pikachu Easter EGG!
1)Click anywhere on the Page
2)Press Shift 3 Times
3)Press Tab 3 Times
4)Press Control 3 Times.

Arsenal Easter Egg
Type the word 'ripchubz anywhere that isn't a text box

Submit an EGG!
If you would like to submit an easter egg PM with a full tutorial and i will add it to this topic with FULL credit to you, Thanks

Greg (Submitted Arsenal Easter Egg)
Dreams (Submitted Asteroids Easter Egg and Waldo Easter Egg)

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Lmfao this is hectic bro
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I remember finding out about these a while ago, but completely forgot about them. Thanks for sharing this with the community
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Nice post i'll pm you a few when i have some time
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If im correct isnt ther a john cena one in the shout box
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Remember when I first found out about these. Blew my mind! Hopefully more are found and added
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Damn I forgot about these! I hope that you keep this updated maybe one day they'll add more easter eggs
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Some have gone away I think
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These are amazing hahaha, I had no idea these existed!
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Wow I completely forgot about these, I remember when the harlem shake was a huge deal and seeing people post about the easter egg all over the General section, this is so awesome. Thanks for the reminder!
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