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ReviewFloors - ReviewPosted:

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Platform: Android, iOS
Genre: Arcade
Release Date: September 24, 2015
Developer: Ketchapp
Publisher: Ubisoft


Floors is an endless arcade platformer with a twist! Run and jump your way through endless amount of floors and deadly spikes! Collect rubies to unlock 30+ new cool characters. How long can you survive?


The core of the game is pretty interesting as you play the game. You will have 4 floors that your character will run through. You will start at the very first floor at the top and work your way down trying to jump and dodge as many spikes as you can in the floors. The hard thing about this game is the floors will be randomly picked so if you're on floor 2 you may jump to the last floor when you're not suspecting it and make you lose. You always have to be focused and prepared for the game to trick you at moments. Your character moves so fast that you'll have to have fast reflexes and think fast because everything is generated. The difficult varies as you go along the game, you may start out as the game being hard with 4 spikes everywhere then a little in it will feel like break time because the floors will start to have 1 - 2 spikes in them. In random floors there will also be gems that can be used to unlock a bunch of different looking characters. Each character will have a unique look to them but do not change the change in any way. These gems may show up constantly on one of your runs or they may stop spawning, its all generated so don't get frustrated because you're earning gems at a slow rate. The hour that I tested out to get a full taste of the game was actually pretty fun, I enjoyed the concept of the game and had a blast playing it.


The game is really straight in your face. There isn't that much stuff really going onto besides just plain colors for the rooms and then your character. Your character is fully black and is a stick man but thicker and a designed outfit. There is 30+ characters you can unlock with each one having a different look to them. There are no stats for each character, they're only there for looks to make the game not as boring. There are a total of 4 different rooms in the game, each room has a color going from Red, blue, green, and finally yellow. There's no detail in these rooms besides the spikes that will randomly generate if your character happens to run in there. Each spike is just black and of course clearly looks like a spike meaning if you touch it you die. Ketchapp doesn't really make violent games but I feel like dying in this game is dreadful. Once you hit a spike your character will come to a complete stop while nothing happens to your character. Would have been nice to maybe see some more detail and have his head fall off or him actually falling onto the spikes. Overall the graphics of the game have a recognizable look but they didn't put enough work into the little things of the game.


Controls are pretty straightforward, you will be tapping of course throughout the whole. If you encounter a small spike you will have to tap the screen. If you encounter lets say 2 - 3 spikes at once then you're going to need to tap and hold so your character stay in the air for longer. There will be a tutorial at the start of the game. You can only finish the tutorial if you get past 7 rounds of the game so it will give you a lot of time to practice your jumping.


Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 8/10
Controls: 10/10
Overall: 9/10

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  • Winter 2017
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Seems interesting, will look into it
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I have heard bout this game before, but just looks boring but then again most mobile games are.
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  • Winter 2017
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great review, thanks for this
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  • Winter 2017
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Thanks for the review
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Great review tom.
Game is okay but gets boring quick.
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Gonna download this too and try it out! Thanks for sharing
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