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one thing I've wanted for a long time on TTG is the Gold Gifter + Badges, so I've decided to do a giverway.
Consider this a start or a pre-giveway to prepare for the upcoming event around Christmas Time

Lets get started.
- Rules -
Please only post once.
Leave a comment on why you deserve gold.

Winners & the reason I've gifted them gold.
*First 10 /w Reason *
well it comes down to the fact that I see him helping a member every day, not only that but he's a really nice guy and it's great to know him and to consider him as a friend, now on top of that he's gifted 600 members gold, is constantly giving back to the community and this is my way to thank him.

is very helpful when you need help I mean when Saku isn't posting Anime in shoutbox, other tan that very helpful and kind user.

Constantly giving back to the community, has a really good thread that has even helped me out and I'm sure it has helped many others too, on top of that I see him around a lot always helping no matter what, keep us updated on deals over on the secret area, very appreciative of his work.

Been around for such a long time, 20,000 posts and left me a good reason on why I should gift gold, been here for a long time and is wanting to get back on the site and start being more active.


Has been very active this past month, I've seen him constantly helping people and making his personal goals, very active in shout box and does what he can when he can to help people, so I've decided to gift him gold. Might as well add he's very friendly!

Gifted me gold when I had run out of time, he's helped me with issues I've had with Menus / Other things, very nice guy and would recommend him if you need help.

Very active member also always in shoutbox, seems like an alright person, very nice and easy to talk to.

Is wanting to get active again on this site, as I only started to become more active again this year, I've gifted him gold to do exactly that, I hope he gets his goals this year.

A really close friend of mine, is constantly helping me with any issues I run into regarding any issue at all, super great guy, love you <3.

Helped me push towards my goals, such as my rep, talks to my in Shoutbox and is a really nice guy, defiantly worth talking to.

Everyone I've gifted after the 10 above.

ZZ9_x_iHaXoRZz x2
oxo - Chosen By Chris

I'd love to give everyone a reason, sadly I have to stop at 10, I wont be able to give a reason for everyone and it'll only make my thread way to big. Once 10 have been selected, I'll continue making a list of users I've gifted to without a reason, just usernames.

Personal Goals:
1,000 Thanks
1000 REP
7000 Posts

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Would love to win some gold, haven't really got a reason as to why I deserve it other than I try to help out where I can.
Thanks for the opportunity
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I don't think I deserve gold at all but it never hurts to enter.
I'm entering because Iv never had gold before and would love to know what it's like.
Thanks and good luck everyone!
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  • Winter 2016
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I deserve gold because im a very active and helpful member. Also id love to have an extra month
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I don't deserve anything to be honest. I have no doubt you will choose good members and doing this giveaway is very helpful to the site. Hopefully I can get the + someday. As for now I would just like some gold stacked on as I can't afford to spend any extra money for digital items like gold or xbox. But I will begin to gift again eventually.

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I try to help out around the forums as much as I can, even gift some users who I feel deserve it.
Thanks for the chance man and good luck on the badges.
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I would like gold as im now very active and im opening a mod shop with free XP lobbies
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Thank you for this giveaway! We have become really good friends since we meet!
And awesome job on setting such a high goal to become a Supreme Gold Gifter like myself

As you know I try to help a lot of members here on The Tech Game
I am a Supreme Gold Gifter myself. With reaching one of the Highest Gifts of Golds
600 Gifts to Be exact

More then enough reasons. Lol

Thanks for this
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What a great guy you are fot doing this for people! I feel like I deserve gold because I feel like jesus sometimes
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  • Christmas!
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Great to see another giveaway being done, thanks in advance, even if i'm not chosen.

I've never been a Gold member and would love the chance of being one! I use the site every whether it's checking out the latest news or looking for people to play with. I love help people on the forums when i feel my comment is needed. Been a member for 5 Years, one of the best forums out there. If needed i can help you reach ur REP goal by giving u my rep. #TTGArmy
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