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ReviewInfinite Slice - ReviewPosted:

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Infinite Slice

Platform: Android, iOS
Genre: Arcade
Release Date: July 04, 2016
Developer: Monthly 23
Publisher: Monthly 23


Infinite Slice is a free to play game where you will be tasked to slice as many pieces of a square as you can without being defeated by your foes. You will need to use patience and timing to reach the top of the leaders showing of your true skills of being a slicer.


Infinite Slice is an arcade where you will start out with a perfect square and try to cut as many times before pumping into one of the red circles floating around. Infinite Slice is all about concentration and time, The main thing is to focus on the red circles and have the perfect timing on when to cut so you won't end up with a participation medal. Beware when slicing its not just a slice and you're done, you'll have to wait for your circle to slice the piece which can take a sec or 2 but can get in the risk of course hitting one of the other red circles. To get rid of your enemies you'll have to cut a piece of your shape that your enemies are in eliminating them. If you happen to eliminate lets say 2 of your enemies then the game will give you 2 free cuts which can kill even more enemies helping you out. If you use a turn without eliminating anyone then 1 red circle will spawn in making it even harder. There are no rewards or anything for making it to a high score or any, its just for fun and something to do on your free time. If you get a high score that you're happy about you can post it to the leaderboards where friends and others will see it and try to beat it.


I found this game to get boring extremely fast since there's really nothing happening on your screen. The whole time you're looking at a square and a black background. Every time you slice a piece off the square it does have some visual effects when the piece goes flying away into the darkness but its really nothing surprising. Even when killing a group of enemies I was suspecting a huge explosion or something big but nothing happens and you just go on playing with the game. Dying in the game will explode you into particles but you barely get to see it since the game fades then the menu shows which is irritating. A suggestion to make the game just a little better would have something in the background. Make the game more eye-catching instead of a pure black background. Doesn't have to be moving or anything, a picture would just be as good as just black. The game is overall a fun game but for graphics wise it just wasn't good enough for me.

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At the start of the game you'll have a 5 step tutorial on everything about the game but then you'll be kicked off to the game straight away. To cut pieces off the square you'll need to find your blue wall somewhere on the outskirts of the shape and drag your finger to where you want your ball to slice a piece off. Its mostly just rinse and repeat doing that the whole time with no other controls involved. A baby can probably play this game so hopefully you won't have any difficulties with the controls in Infinite Slice.


Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 6/10
Controls: 10/10
Overall: 7.5/10

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Good god this looks boring lol good review though just not really my type of game i would choose to play.
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Horrible Game
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most phone games are just flat out boring and this... this is no exception lol
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it looks ok i'll give it a try later
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Looks half decent. Not a type of game I would play on the daily.

But great review.
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Great review but personally this game sounds like a knock off fruit ninja!
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Good job on the review but I'm with Kylo on this one haha
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Even though most people are hating on it, and you say it gets boring, the game actually looks pretty fun to me. Great review of it and what it is, but I think I'm gonna play this one myself.
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