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ReviewLuxor - Game ReviewPosted:

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Platform: Mac OS X, Windows, iOS, PlayStation Portable
Genre: Puzzle
Release Date: May 30, 2005
Developer: MumboJumbo
Publisher: MumboJumbo


Luxor is a game and series of tile-matching action puzzle video games, developed by MumboJumbo, with the initial release in 2005. The first sequel to this game was Luxor 2, which was released in 2006 and included new gameplay, levels and bonus. After that came Luxor 3, which featured seven gameplay modes and improved graphics. It was followed by Luxor: Quest for the Afterlife.


If you're good with colors then you're for sure going to be good with this game. Luxor is a puzzle game where you have to match colored spheres or balls with other colored spheres. It may seem easy but it can get tricky at times. At the beginning of a round a line of random colored spheres will come onto a screen following the track that you can see on screen. Your job is to move your mouse that controls your falcon that carries random colored spheres and shoot the coordinated colored spheres that match the one in your falcon.. The tricky thing about it is if you miss and hit a color into another color, the line will grow bigger and you'll need to match more colors. If I remember you'll need to have a total of 3 of the same colors in a row to smash them making the line smaller. The line of spheres won't be just a straight line though. The track the spheres are rolling on may be zig zagging or doing u-turns everywhere making it harder to match each colored sphere. If you fail to match and destroy the line before the spheres reach their destination. The round will end and you will have to restart. This game is kept on score by how fast and how many spheres you smash at once. If you're having troubles there are different difficulties for how good or bad you are.


Not much to talk about graphics on this game. Overall the game has pretty good graphics for its age but the gameplay doesn't catch as much attention when you play. The only thing really happening on screen is rolling balls although the texture and smoothness of each ball is good. There are chain reactions in this game where the line just keeps smashing if you hit just the right colors and surprisingly the explosions and sparks that go everywhere are quite impressive. It really makes the game better and less boring when playing. You will also notice some extra details they put on your falcon where you can see your next 2 spheres letting you know what your next 2 colored spheres will before after shooting your current one. There are many... many levels in this game and everyone has a slight change to the background and rails enhancing the play of the game and visual.

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For Luxor the only thing you'll be using is your mouse. All you need to do is just aim using your mouse and press the left click letting your ball fly out of your falcon. There is no keyboard required to play this game or any other control you may use. You can the change sensitivity through menu if you find the falcon moves to fast from side to side.


Gameplay: 9.5/10
Graphics: 8/10
Controls: 10/10
Overall: 9.4/10

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Sounds like a pretty decent puzzle game, and I do love puzzle games alot so might even give this a try, great review Tom.
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Sounds like a pretty fun puzzle game, haven't played one in a while. Since it's for ios I'll be checking it out
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This looks like a great little game, I'm into puzzle games although they annoy the hell out of me. Gonna give it a try and I'll edit this post and let you know how I got on
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