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Pretty simple concept, are you a morning or a night person?

Personally I am a night person, I find I engage in activities, have more fun, and overall enjoy darkness and night time more than morning.

So what're you?

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Considering I always stay up late and dread waking up in the mornings I'm gonna go with night time person.
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I guess night, I stay up way too late and wake up around noon.
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Night time for sure but mornings can be cool sometimes.
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I'm an all night person, I don't sleep during the night.
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I love the night i guess i'm like my snakes
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Definitely a night time person, i sleep most of the day and im awake most of the night
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I'm both. I sleep during the day aswell as night ;)
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I guess it really depends on the sleep schedule. As it does for most people.
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Night person more better
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