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Maybe it has been created once. I don't know.
Simple question. Please don't say 24 hours because that's just stupid. A realistic guess or average on hours per day browsing the forums, news section or shout box etc.

I probably spend around 6 maybe 7 hours a day. Forums seem pretty dead lately so past couple
Months I've been in the shout box. I work Monday to Friday's and sometimes Saturday's so don't get as much time on here as I once did. I do check my phone while I'm at work for messages or new replies. And I get back to them as quick as I can.

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Mhm well I don't wake up around say 11am then I'll get on my computer around 12.
I'll be on TTG pretty much till I fall asleep which would be about 3am.

Yes I'm a bit addicted to my computer, I always have TTG loaded in my tabs.
I'll be playing Xbox while browsing the forums.

I work from home too so it works out perfectly for me.
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I come online every hour or so just to check if there is new posts , I spend around 1 1/2 hours a day on here due to college, more on the weekends.
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All day every day bro. I have no life until I get myself back to my work. Just healing after having operation. It's been a year slowly healing.

PS. I do go outside now and a again.
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5hrs each day lol and at the weekend it's more like 10. Ttg is awesome
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Used to be close 12 hours as it was actually what I did for a job.

Was making damn near a $1,000 a month at 16 doing modded lobbies for cod.

Now its more like once or twice a month.
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phxnt wroteAll day every day bro. I have no life until I get myself back to my work. Just healing after having operation. It's been a year slowly healing.

PS. I do go outside now and a again.

Damn that sucks bro if you don't mind me asking what surgery did you have ?
I spend about 2 hours a day on ttg
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Maybe like 3 hours for the daily browsing
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5 minutes cause' it's dead af lol.
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a while back id say like 5 to 6 hours a day now I'm lucky if il come on a couple times a week just to me ttg isn't the same but I still enjoy it I'm mostly on here to read up news about the Xbox and occasionally might post on something such as this post
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