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Welcome everyone to Crippy's GTA Shop

Crippy wroteFriendly reminder : all services below are currently for xbox 360 only. Character transfer has been removed which means you won't be able to transfer stats to next gen. The only way to get mods on xb1 and ps4 currently is to purchase a pre transferred account from one of the sellers who still have them left

Xbox 360 cash drops
$150 million = $3
$300 million = $5

RP Drops
Any Rank = $4

Xbox 360 Pre modded accounts $10
Any Rank 1-8000
Any cash up to 2 billion
Custom KD ratio
Max abilities
Unlock all
Lsc unlocks
Clothing unlocks
Weapon unlocks
Heist unlocks
Special clothing/hats
10 modded outfits
1 modded car (3D painted Backless Coquette, Roosevelt with spare tires and trunk removed, etc.)
Free gamertag change

Add $1 per custom car (optional)
Add $2 for any amount of cash up to $500 billion (optional)

***I also offer bulk discounts


Click here to PM me


As with any type of modding bans are always possible. In the unlikely event your account gets banned, suspended, or reset, I nor TTG will be help responsible. You assume all risk when purchasing a modified account. All sales are final


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mikescott0777 wroteLegit just bought a working account.
UmCyK wroteLegit i buy cash drops.
IPuReZI wroteCan't thank you enough, got exactly what I wanted and quick too, cheers bud!
AsusVII wroteBest service and fast. I recommend this trusted sell 100%
captunicorn21 wroteGreat service from crippy. Fast reply. Fast service. Got the account in only a few minutes
XeJASPEReX wroteI just bought a custom pre modded and its 100% legit. 1 Billion dollars for the new dlc is amazing
marshmellowmann wroteLegit !
you can trust him for shur. He helped me out as well
-D-U-B-S-T-E-P- wroteThis guy is a stud! Great correspondence and fast/easy service. Vouch for him any day!
friars19 wrotehooked me up thanks man legit
iHyphen wroteThis seller is amazing! Definitely recommend! Great communication and Fast Service!
Knave808 wroteReal ass ***** man his shit legit asf
fortunexbanks wroteLegit fast reply and really cheap nice guys to work with
Aviate wroteAlways a pleasure crippy has my vouch !
marshmellowmann wroteI vouch for crippy.

this guy is VERY VERY trustworthy and nice and very legit do not be scared to buy from him. he has helped me twice now and has helped my friends and we all have fun on gta v online thanks @crippy
eviveR wroteBrilliant service. Will definitely be returning if I ever need mods again
Vexsiz wroteCrippy is one of the best model of here and has amazing deals! He's legit!
SgtSalty wroteSo far he has been very helpful with answering all my questions (this is my first service I have ever bought so there were a lot of them) he is patient and seems legit.
I will post a reply later when my recovery is done. And let you know how it went. Thanks.
SgtSalty wroteThis guy is great. Helped me with everything. legit and a nice dude.
If you are scared to buy from someone buy from him this was my first purchase and he made me feel secure and I couldn't be more happy.
HMG1234 wroteLegit ! Now i can finally enjoy the game thanks to him! Really appreciate your help.
NikeElite2332 wroteHe helped me out a lot. Very fast with the account and is a nice guy. I vouch for him (:
Maltie wroteAnybody who wants something modddd on gta should look at this guy. Quick and easy to talk to. Will definitely return if I ever need anything else
I_Hit_Shots_On_Cod wroteThis guy is great at his services! it didn't take long at all to receive the account.
GRAW95 wroteCrippy got me set up a little bit ago; totally vouch for him. Painless and easy, no BS. Thanks man!
Flavors wroteGreat seller had mine to me in 20 mins great job still not banned thanks. +REP
Mauricebeentrill wroteDude is legit af! Was totally skeptical but he came thru easily and quick
speedman119 wroteThis guy gots my vouch legit and fast thank you so much I also gave u a bunch of rep
SuperViper956 wroteFast and Speedy Service! Very Legitimate! done in 20 min! would very much recommend!
Itsmezachary wroteGood Guy, was fast on the account and fast on the replys to my PMs. Recommend buying from Crippy
ironman21718 wroteThis guy is legit and he's very quick with account making and replying to his customers. Definitely go with this guy. His prices are also rather low compared to some other sellers. Definitely coming back to him if I need to in the future!
rxgga wroteLiterally got everything I could have asked for so quickly. He is an amazing seller; fast, reliable and really friendly. He even supports you with any problems afterwards, vouch this guy.
ImDitton wroteThis man is LEGIT, he gave me everything i asked for and some, he had a lot of other people he had to do first and was very polite about handling the deal, would do business again
Rxise wroteExcellent Modder Got my shit done right when I needed it! Thanks again bro
Weckyz wroteLEGIT, helped me through the whole thing!!!!
Great service!
steven3477 wroteLegit to awesome and chill also great price.
yoyoyoh wrotethanks for the accounts appreciate it lots
defo would buy again
daviddebo49 wroteService is golden brothers. I highly recommend this man right here!
JohnsonIsTheName wroteThis guy is legit and he's very quick with account making and replying to his customers
ll_Rapiidz_ wrotethis guy is very helpful and did everything I asked for 100000% legit. would definitely use again.
Sterling12345 wroteLEGIT. Things went wrong in process and he fixed it all up perfect. Great communication.
harrybee2011 wroteVery nice guy and good service 100% legit
zAryeh wroteGreat Services. I recommend this guy. Replies fast and gives you exactly what you want. Thank You.
KingJay52399 wroteThis dude is hella trustworthy! Quick responses too, LEGIT!
lxij_ wroteHe's legit & I definetly vouch for him:)
Dezza16 wroteVouch this guy completely legit amazing mods and s friendly
vFuRyy_ wrotelegit af. best modder I've ever met by far
HendinhoAFC wroteCompletley legit, good prices too
YoungClaybo wrote100% Legit, finished my transfer within 30 mins and guided me through recovery. Great Service.
jpurdy1402 wrote100% Legit, brought a basic account from him. Very quick and also guided me on what to do.

Recommend to everyone
HiroshimaSushi0 wrotecompletely legit just bought a garage edit great work!
GTAVDOOD wroteCompletely legit. Finished in about 20 minutes. 100% recommend
SiKxSHoTz123 wrote100% Legit would use him again and he's really quick.
Intez wroteFast service and very nice I Vouch for this guy
SmarmyDock wroteThis guy is legit. You should buy from him 100%. He did everything correctly and right.
JFGamingCrew wroteexcellent service, quick, friendly and delivers outstanding results
realreptar31 wrotebest seller on here <3 you!
ware23 wrotejust got a account from crippy mann service was fast with quick response A+ here this dude and folks when purchasing dont be cheap better to be save then like dammmn just a FYI
fireuser67 wrote+1 rep, completely legit, fast service.
sgtcarcione wroteReally good service and price. He delivered in 15 minutes and exactly what I ordered!
SyntheticCZ wroteCrippy is a trustworthy seller, all of my friends have used him and are all satisfied, accounts finished within an hour.
DSYRVENDETTA wroteDoes very good work, he Definately has my Vouch with a cheap price for so much stuff and very fast and very good quality
Call_Me_D_Rose wroteVouch for this man Crippy! Got my account done and will also be doing my roommate's account next. I appreciate it my friend!
james799781 wroteVouch for this dude! Quick replies, and legit af. Don't hesitate to work with him.
deenrayman wroteSuch a good guy! Helped me a lot with some questions. It is cheap and has a very good service.
WDMBlink wrote100% legit soon as i paid him he had the account done in 20mins flat Smooth and fast totally Recommend this guy
Tombomb1268 wroteThis guy is definitly the person to go to he walks you through the steps.I thought doing this it would be rushed and you wouldnt care but its the opposite definitly recommend
Kisses wroteCrippy is always the best place to go for any service cx
Has my vouchh
Kotch wroteThis guy is very fast and very helpful. He deserves a lot more. First time buying and it won't be my last. Cheers dude!
Mr_Robot wroteThis guy is legit!! I would definitely recommend buying from him
Slenderman5 wroteLiterally the best cheapest service ever bro .. THANKS
xVegas wroteQuick and easy service, answered every question I had and the process was smooth.

itzjaymac wroteLegit loved it amazing and fast response goose stuff
xlDrolx wrote100% legit!! I recommend this guy right here! Hooked me up in less than 30 minutes
Drpengu23 wroteThis guy is the real deal!!
Thanks man!
I definitely trust this guy. Bout 20 minutes and my account was done. Thank you bro!!
iervasi wroteVouch for this guy! It was very quick and I got everything I wanted in a recovery
Zensta_ wroteGreat dealer bought off him multiple times <3
-Snowy wroteVery legit. Had my account completed in 20 minutes and everything went just as requested. Definitely will come back if I need anymore modding.
Slapstick wroteThis guy is legit. I recommend him to anyone who wants to buy
GPotter96 wrote100% legit quick cheap and easy deffo recommend
YouMadBeans wroteAwesome guy. Got my platinum account done within 15 minutes. Definitely recommend this guy!!!!!!!!!

TruffleButteh wroteIf anyone wants mods i would come to this guy easiest guy to work with cheap price and makes his buyers happy !!
Saku wroteGreat services you have good luck on all your order's, I vouch this as well
Wez_h1998 wroteLegit user!!

Would highly recommend him
ImDitton wrotecongrats on reopening the sticky bud! GLWS as always
SaltNotes wroteThis guy is 100% legit, great service and response time. Excellent
Nauby101 wroteVERY legit, much wow
manuvah wroteVery quick service, legit
SL1M92 wrote100% LEGIT!!! this guy's brilliant
St_Louis wroteExcellent shop
Had my account done in less than 5 minutes and no problems transferring! Definitely Going to b purchasing from him in the future
Stylisticviper wroteThis guy is super legit amazingly quick and easy to trust! Buy that stuff asap dont hesitate
Classy19 wrote[size=24]Yo people he is legit! Highly recommend ;)
Davemerk wroteHUGE vouch for Crippy one of the best trusted sellers out there! Never hesitate to hit this guy up! Will tell my friends about your service
Charrrie wroteLegit! Awesome, fast and great service!!
-Rider wroteLegit. Just made my transfer after a long 30days! lol
This guy is worth purchasing from. You have my vouch.
Jlambb18 wrote100000% worth it great guy such a good cheap service and so easy to work with thank you so much man
faceplanter wrotegreat service i got my account 2 minutes after payment and entire process took maybe 20.
shifterl wroteHey! Great guy, very responsive! I would recommend him if it is your first time! Quick and easy, no struggle other than on my side. Thanks man! Also very kind
Haizsey wrote100% Legit, very good service & very helpful with everything would highly recommend.
Coolster123 wroteI voucher for this guy he is legit and helped me through it.
Vexsiz wroteGreat man. Highly recommend him.
ST1VHD wroteLegit, quick with replys and very patient

astroskills wroteI purchased a pre modded account.
definitely giving this guy a vouch. doesn't mind answering questions to better understand what you're doing and taking the right precautions, also replies very quickly, cheapest price, safe and delivered exactly as promised and is happy to get the account secured under your specifications.
wetchy wroteGreat service! Highly Recommend
Rockyy_305 wroteVery legit , fast and easy ! I recommend!
-Rider wroteBuy from this guy while you still can for new gen!
Just do it.

100% Legit

BE4L wroteThis guy is 100% legit! Would recommend him anyday You have my vouch!
Chase4450 wroteVouch for Crippy, Quick and easy transaction thanks again for the Account!
brandonfh1997 wroteEasy to talk to

Good responder

Fast and quick like me in bed
UnLiMiTeDx wroteYo man this guys really cool and gets back to you really quick. And is in my book

To be continued when I have more time to finish adding

Crippy's Bo2 Shop

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I am currently accepting orders. I will be hosting for free for 2 hours at 4:30pm est. for TTG members only
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Change my level to 400 plzzzz
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FaZeBlaziken wroteChange my level to 400 plzzzz

Pre modded account only. Its not even possible to do in game for other clients
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Wld u take a $10 xbox card as a payment for a pre modded account
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creeeper wroteWld u take a $10 xbox card as a payment for a pre modded account

Shoot me a pm and we can discuss
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Legit, i recommend this guy
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Free cash drop the next hour only. 1-2 mins per person, pm me with your Gamertag for an invite. XBOX 360 ONLY
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