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ReviewDream League Soccer - ReviewPosted:

  • E3 2017
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Dream League Soccer: Review

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Game Information:
Developer: First Touch Publishing
Publisher: First Touch Publishing
Platforms: IOS and Android.
Release Date: January 2014
Genres: Simulation, Sports, Football. Free to play

Soccer as we know it has changed! Dream League Soccer is YOUR chance to build THE best team on the planet. Recruit new Players, upgrade your Stadium, and take on the World with Online Multiplayer as you march towards glory, on your road to Soccer Super Stardom!

Dream League Soccer is a free to play game on the iOS and Android systems, the main aim of the game is to successfully build a good team and to win as many tournaments and trophies you can, the game features easy controls with the ability to customize your squad and team, list and buy players, practice by doing training and various other activities; this game is amazing and it's free. The game also features massive multi-player, where you can test your team against other intelligent humans, who will be the winner? You must develop your players in order for them to reach their full potential before they retire. The game has an exclusive soundtrack too this will keep you entertained when you are not on the pitch. The game also features intelligent ai players and decisions that will be made by them, be able to score your best goals and instant replay them, you can also buy add ons and extra for the game,
why don't you try this game it's The Number #1 Soccer Simulation Game In Korea.

The graphics in dream league soccer are very good, the game can become laggy a few times but other than that it holds up well, the game has 3D visuals and have nice camera angles where you can get a nice view on the pitch in order to see the best goal at the best angles. The game has very shabby blocky players that looked badly rendered, but other than that the graphically side of the game is good, especially for a free to play soccer game. I highly recommend giving the game a try, what can go wrong. The game does have some sharp visuals and I cant really complain, it's definitely playable and enjoyable so there is nothing wrong with that and gives a good graphically dynamic aspect... I will now post some images of the game so you can take a look for your self:
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The controls in Dream League Soccer are very simple; You only have 3 controls, A Button is the button that you use to strike the ball. B Button is the button that passes to other team-mates. C Button is the one that crosses, lofted passes and chips. Then you have the analogue which is for direction, The controls are suitable for all ages, but one can get confused if you are used to Fifa, since the b button is to shoot, other than that the controls are solid.

Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 7/20
Controls: 9/10
Overall: 7.5/10

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I have to look into this more. It sounds fun for just passing the time when I'm bored. Thanks buddy.
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[ Register or Signin to view external links. ] Need more features We need option to play against friends. Change players looks. Change Manger & capton. Specially change player who took free kicks and plenty according to us. Overall good game
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Don't really like soccer games but this does sound pretty cool to pass the time when im at work.
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Sounds like a mobile soccer/football game that is actually good. Seems like a game that would be a good time killer
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I would give this game a 10/10 if the money got sorted out on it. When I have enough money to buy the player I want I have already won the league so I have got to decide which one to get and if I get one then I don't have enough money to buy the player I want for like 8 seasons. I'd prefer it if the prices were more realistic and we got more money to invest in them and stadiums. Apart from all that it's a solid game, great review bud.
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