IntroductionHello I am back to reintroduce myselfPosted:

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Hello everyone, I have returned after a short break (forced break of around 2 years)

Most of you I probably have never met, and I'm sure you have never met me xd

My nama dmof and I look forward to speaking to you all.

(not in the shoutbox tho cos im not allowed to use the shoutbox, sean said so)

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40oz (10-30-2018), Cardz (10-30-2018), Mikey (10-28-2018)
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Yo what up Dmof, wb!
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Welcome back old timer, hope to see you stay hella active now.
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Hey welcome back to the community, i hope to see you around some time
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Welcome back man, it must feel good to be back after two years! Well since you're here now I hope you have fun!
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You got a 7 year tenure , hope to see you around showing it off lmao
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Welcome back! I hope you stay active!
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Welcome back man! Hope you're here to stay!
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Welcome back, come check out the Discord for the time being!
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Welcome back man. Good to see older members making a return. Aye 7 year gang
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